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New GDPR Analysis Pricing

Discover Personal Identifiable Information & Sensitive information within Documents

Louise Ozier


​​​Fuse can ease the challenge you are facing with the GDPR by offering a solution that will analyse your data for you quickly and cost effectively.

​My recent blogs​ have already mentioned the effect that GDPR is having on UK businesses. The deadline is looming but don’t panic if you feel you are running out of time as we have important news.

Our customers are reporting that they are having many calls in response to the GDPR, offering you solutions to help but what you really need is a quick, fixed price solution that you know will do what it claims to. One of our partners has responded to customer and partner feedback by changing their pricing model for their data evaluation kit to be just that.

This is in response to listening to customers who have allocated budgets for the GDPR project, and it’s amazing to see that most budgets are being spent on the staff time spent on the project and not on solutions that would be more cost effective. Discovering PII (Personal Identifiable Information) is viewed as a manual process which costs organisations time and money.

Discovering personal Identifiable Information and Sensitive Information within documents is one of the first steps you need to complete to become compliant.

All you need is the answer to one question:

Do you know the amount of data your business holds as electronic documents? Hopefully you do! If not, don’t worry we can help you find out with a free evaluation of your data.

If so, look at the table below for the cost of the solution we can introduce you to. The price includes an annual subscription with unlimited document scans for the 12-month license term, regardless of the size of documents.
  • Up to 1TB = £2,999
  • Up to 5TB = £7,999
  • Up to 20TB = £14,999
  • 20TB plus = price on application
The pricing is based on the size of data in the system where the documents are stored. This pricing includes unlimited users and full product support. This solution can be used across multiple systems which include Office 365, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and SharePoint. The solution then reads Office documents, PDF’s, OCR photocopies etc. It will also reduce the size of your files, removing duplicates and archiving files non-accessed over a period. This solution is also valuable when migrating documents from SharePoint and file shares to O365.
ScanR Process 

Features of the ScanR Solution:

  • ​Automate the process for discovering PII and Sensitive Information.
  • Enable you to quickly respond to “Subject Access Requests “and the “Right to be Forgotten “regulation.
  • Comply with over 10 of the required articles within GDPR.
  • Reduce data storage requirements, remove duplicates and archive non-accessed files.
  • Gain an understanding of who has access to it.
  • Gain an understanding of how long it’s being retained.
  • Retain personal data for a period of time directly related to the original intended purpose.
  • Find risky files and take action.
  • Manage a Subject Access Request:
    • Request a port of the data
    • Request a correction to the data
    • Request deletion of the data​

ScanR overview

The Overview Dashboard

Rich dashboards in ScanR allow you to understand where your sensitive data resides, and prioritise where to take action.​

To read my previous blogs surrounding GDPR please click on the links below:

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To request a demo and free evaluation on your documents call Fuse today on 01604 797979 or contact us. We are available to answer any queries you have and our aim is to work alongside your needs and priorities ensuring optimum efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

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