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Manage firstline Workers with Microsoft StaffHub

Enable deskless employees to swap shifts, request time off and receive communications

Louise Ozier


​​Microsoft StaffHub is one of the latest solutions available from Microsoft which can completely transform how you manage firstline workers. If you answer yes to any of the below questions then this blog is for you:

  1. Do you want to understand more about Microsoft StaffHub?
  2. Do you manage teams of frontline workers?
  3. Are you a frontline worker who is fed up of the lack of communication in your company?
  4. Do you work shifts in a factory or warehouse?
  5. Does you manager work in a different location to you?
  6. Are you a Manager who has staff across multiple sites?
  7. Would you like to share documents, messages and bring staff together even when they only have access to a mobile phone whilst at work?
  8. Do you want your staff to have access to emails even if they don’t have access to a PC?

What is Microsoft StaffHub?

Microsoft StaffHub is basically an app that is designed for first line (Frontline/Shift/Temporary) workers who don’t sit at a desk with their own PC. Think factory workers, retail staff, teachers, health workers in hospitals, hotel staff, assembly and production line workers, postal and delivery staff, the list goes on…

The location of your staff could be anywhere so you can send messages and communicate wherever they are; home, work, gym or the pub!​​

The StaffHub app, showing shift details

The StaffHub App

Workers can easily see their upcoming shifts and offer to swap shifts with colleagues, within the app on their phone.

Why do Firstline workers or their managers need Microsoft StaffHub?

Firstline workers do what their job title suggests. They are the first people to engage with your customers, deliver the products that keep your brand alive and arguably the most important people in your company. Without them you have no manufacturing, retail, healthcare and many other sectors.

The benefits of StaffHub are:

  1. Communication between employees will always improve efficiency within a business. Reducing the time that employees spend on tasks that aren’t maximising profit means your staff are more focussed on the work that matters most and in turn more cost effective.
  2. Providing your workers with the right tools streamlines scheduling shifts, eases the "clocking in" process, annual leave requests, and all HR administrative processes.
  3. Training and onboarding can be delivered via StaffHub.
  4. Sending messages to staff quickly and easily via the messaging option ensures your staff are instantly up to date with sales information, design issues, training information and company news.
    The StaffHub portal, showing how files can be sent out to everyone
  5. Managers can assign tasks to individuals prioritising the workload efficiently and quickly.
  6. Safety manuals, new policies and compliance information can be shared instantly ensuring that your workforce is safe and in control.
  7. Remote workers often complain of feeling isolated, unmotivated and prone to distractions. Microsoft StaffHub will give remote workers the feeling of belonging to a team and will make them feel part of the company culture. Daily tasks, updates and communication will keep them focused and motivated by engaging with them easily and quickly. ​
    The StaffHub app showing communications between colleagues and company communications
  8. Digital identities are easily created and assigned with just a phone number, Team members can be easily added and removed. As Microsoft StaffHub is part of Office 365, you can rely on the enterprise security and IT Management that you would expect from Microsoft.

How do you get Microsoft StaffHub? ​

StaffHub is a free add-on to existing Office 365 plans. If your company or school is on the K1, E1, E3 or E5 enterprise plans, it is available. It simply needs to be enabled by your IT administrator. Alternatively, it can added as additional plan for users who require it, from just £3 per user per month - which includes the Office Apps, 2GB of mailbox storage and SharePoint/OneDrive.​​

The team at Fuse are Microsoft Gold partners which means we have the knowledge, experience and trustworthiness to work alongside you and your business. ​

If you want further advice or a quote to find out how Microsoft StaffHub can revolutionise the way your business works call Fuse today on 01604 797979 or contact us


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